We create customized training solutions for companies to support certification, recertification, and professional development training needs.

At D&L Education Solutions, we look at your training facility from a different perspective – through the eyes of an educator. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your training site and outline a strategic plan to maximize your educational workspace.
Designed and developed by our team of world-class educators, curriculum development by D&L Education Solutions delivers proven content, deep customization, and expert perspective to help you meet your exact training needs.
Whether training on site, offsite or online, D&L Education Solutions provides innovative learning tools to create an experience that will engage learners to take them to the next level. We offer training solutions that can be delivered by our expert team or your dedicated instructors.

Training Programs

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Employee Training

Our team has extensive expertise in developing types of employee training that will ensure they receive the hands-on skills they need while keeping them engaged in learning relevant new skills.

Automotive Training

Today’s automotive technician requires a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills that need to be constantly update and improved. As technology changes, so does the skillset of today’s technician.

Instructor Training

As educators, our team develops the types of instructor training that will ensure they deliver the most current and relevant material and hands-on training while engaging their employees.

Diesel Training

Today’s light/heavy-duty diesel technician requires a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills that need to be constantly update and improved. As technology changes, so do the skills.

Management Training

We develop specialized programs to help leaders learn new techniques and refine basic management skills. Our training will strengthen businesses by helping teams to run more efficiently.

Industry 4.0 Training

Machine operators and technicians play a critical role in most manufacturing businesses. Alongside recruitment there is also a growing need to upskill those already in organizations.

Our goal is to create world-class custom learning solutions that drive the development of our clients and their people

The D&L Difference

We Understand Education

Our team is made up of educators who are passionate and dedicated to technical training.  Their skills and expertise allow them to deliver world-class training to instructors and employees – helping them to better understand concepts, stay engaged, and improve their skills. D & L  has been recognized by industry leaders and many technical trade publications.

Tailored training solutions, delivered cost-effectively

In fact, we designed our programs and materials to be quickly and economically adaptable for any audience, without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the training solution.

Smart planning and execution around change

We take a broader, more holistic view of all of the factors that influence the desired changes, and help clients develop and execute the strategies and processes needed to implement these changes and ensure lasting results.

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